Like a family

  • Small group with 2 teachers, so that we can offer real attention to the babies.
  • Ages are mixed from 6 months to 3 years of age. This is a very positive experience for both the younger children who see the example of the elder ones (toilet training, food, speech…) and for the elder ones who can feel responsible for and look after the little ones. The needs of each age are also respected.
  • The presence of the parents: parents can come into the nursery, not only during the adaptation process, but whenever they want: to breastfeed, to comfort the baby, to put them to sleep… We only ask with common sense that they do not come in when an activity is in progress and the parent’s arrival could disrupt the dynamics.

A respectful educational project

  • We believe in experiential education and the importance of the respectful emotional development of the child. Teachers are there as guides and accompany the child who experiences for themselves. Through free play, the child grows and discovers social relationships with the other children and adults around then.
  • We follow approaches like Waldorf and Montessori, which place an emphasis on hands-on experiences with natural objects and all kinds of sensory materials.
  • Why do we limit the schedule to 5 hours a day? Our schedule is from 9am to 2pm or from 2pm to 7pm so that parents can enjoy the rest of the day with their children. In fact, we believe that at these ages it is very important for babies to spend time with their parents and/or primary caregivers, the real family unit.

Prepared infrastructures

Cobaby Barcelona is a centre recognised as a nursery by Barcelona City Council.

  • We have 2 settings: an indoor space measuring over 35m2 and a terrace of the same size.
  • The indoor room has everything necessary for the baby’s hygiene and rest, as well as “corners” for each activity: reading corner, imitation games corner, psychomotricity corner…
  • The terrace has a sandpit and psychomotricity equipment to go up, come down, climb…


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The Cobaby Barcelona team

Catherine Lips
Founder of Cobaby Barcelona
I’m Catherine, mum to a little girl named Lea who was born in 2015. I come from the world of marketing, and spent several years working in Spain as well as in Tunisia and France. After an intense and exhausting career, I decided to leave it all behind and spend a year travelling around the world. On my return, I settled in Barcelona to start a family, and hoped to be able to work for myself in the future.

The birth of my daughter posed a problem for me in terms of her care and my time management while at the same time providing me with the solution as to what path my professional future should take. My needs could not be unique. That gives me confidence that this is a project with a future, as it responds to an unmet need for many parents.

Virginia Saura
I am a mum of two girls, Irina who is 9 years old and Luana who is 4. They are my teachers who have lovingly taught me, above all, to be a mum as well as a teacher. I was born in Uruguay, where I trained as a childhood educator and in creative-play education (based on learning focused on play, experimentation, arts, communication and creativity)

I am also trained in experiential education and in emotional support.

I have been working with children and their families since 1994, accompanying them in the different learning processes, based on the principles of experiential and respectful education.

I am a firm believer in life and in the vital impulse of each living being. I feel that learning is part of nature and I have a profound respect for vital rhythms. That is why, for me, it is essential to accompany children’s life processes with care and tenderness.

More Information


Coworking space

Outgoings: Includes light, water, heating, air conditioning, cleaning service.

Wi-Fi/Internet/Telephone: 200MB fibre optic, option of connecting via Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable. Telephone installation. Supplement based on needs.

Alarm system.

Marketing: We promote the activity of our coworkers online

Kitchen: Fridge, microwave, coffee maker, kettle. Filtered water.

Printing: Pay per print. Colour printer. Free Scanner.

Desks and Chairs: 120cm x 70cm desks. Ergonomic chairs.

Meeting Room: 10m2 meeting room for 6 people

Workshop Room: 20m2 room, with capacity for 15 people. Parquet flooring. Open-plan space with folding chairs.

Mailbox: Business address included in the price. Mail collection and distribution.


Outgoings: Includes light, water, heating, air conditioning, cleaning service.

Alarm system.

Does not include food / drink / nappies / wipes / sheets

Parquet flooring. Natural light. Children’s toilets.