Playtime with your kids

Our place is perfect for all the parents who want to spend some time playing with their babies (under 3 yo).

  • With a big room of more than 35 sqm with plenty of natural light and a big terrace as well, you and your baby will have to come several times to explore everything!
  • There is a changing area, and there is a kitchen where you can heat the baby food or store anything in the fridge.
  • Come up with other mums! Please confirm your presence calling during the morning at 638 433 606 or filling in the form.

  • Schedule: Tuesday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.
  • Rates: 4€/baby, 2€/brother/sister
  • Basic rules: The babies must be accompanied by an adult and are under their responsability at any time. The materials, toys, furniture belongs to Cobaby Barcelona, and everybody must respect it. Cobaby Barcelona reserves the right of admission.

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